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FIA WRC 2018 / World Motor Sport Council decisions

December 7, 2017

From 2018, private teams or individual drivers will be permitted to enter 2017 specification World Rally Cars on WRC events, without the obligation to be entered by a manufacturer. Such entries will remain subject to the approval of the FIA Rally Department, and specific restrictions on testing will apply.

The FIA confirms DMACK, Michelin and Pirelli as the nominated tyre suppliers for the 2018 FIA World Rally Championship.

The FIA WRC 2 Championship will continue to be contested over seven events, with the best six scores counting towards the title. However there will no longer be mandatory rallies.

From next season, drivers entered with R5 cars who are not registered in the FIA WRC 2 Championship, or who have not been entered by a registered WRC 2 Team during the year, may use any tyre brand, including those not nominated by the FIA for the WRC. This will ensure more local drivers have the possibility to compete in WRC events.

There will be no WRC Trophy title from 2018, although 2016 World Rally Cars remain eligible in the Championship.

The calendar for the 2018 FIA World Rally Championship is:

26‐28 January Monaco Rally of Monte Carlo
16‐18 February Sweden Rally of Sweden
09‐11 March Mexico Rally of Mexico
06‐08 April France Rally of France‐Tour de Corse
27‐29 April Argentina Rally of Argentina
18‐20 May Portugal Rally of Portugal
08‐10 June Italy Rally of Italy
27‐29 July Finland Rally of Finland
17‐19 August Germany Rally of Germany
14‐16 September Turkey Rally of Turkey
05‐07 October Great Britain Rally of Great‐Britain
26‐28 October Spain Rally of Spain
16‐18 November Australia Rally of Australia

Rally Commission

To increase participation by reducing costs, only the four best results will count towards the final classification of ERC 2.

From 2018 it will no longer be necessary to register for the FIA African Rally Championship, enabling more crews to score points in the series. To aid cost reduction, the minimum total distance of special stages has also been decreased to 150 kilometres and competitors who have retired will be permitted to restart under Rally 2 regulations.

To help increase participation, a Cup will be created for competitors driving SUV cars in the FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship. Homologation of these vehicles will be completed by individual ASNs for final approval by the APRC Executive Committee.

The 2018 FIA European Rally Championship calendar is:

22-24 March Azores Airlines Rallye Portugal, gravel, ERC Junior
3-5 May Rally Islas Canarias Spain, asphalt ERC Junior
1-3 June Acropolis Rally Greece, gravel*
15-17 June Cyprus Rally Cyprus, gravel
22-22 July Rally di Roma Capitale Italy, asphalt ERC Junior
24-26 August Barum Czech Rally Zlín Czech Republic, asphalt, ERC Junior
21-23 September Rally Poland Poland, gravel, ERC Junior
12-14 October Rally Liepāja Latvia, gravel, ERC Junior

*Subject to signing of event promoter agreement

The 2018 FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship calendar is:

05‐06 May New Zealand Whangarei
01‐03 June Australia Canberra
21‐22 July Malaysia Johor
15‐16 September Japan Hokkaido
20‐21 October China Longyou
01‐02 December India Chikmagalur

The 2018 FIA Middle East Rally Championship calendar is:

03‐05 May Jordan Jordan Rally
15‐17 June Cyprus Cyprus Rally
06‐08 or 13‐15 July Lebanon Rally of Lebanon
05‐07 September Iran Iran International Rally
01‐03 November Kuwait Kuwait International Rally
15‐17 November Qatar Qatar International Rally

The 2018 FIA African Rally Championship calendar is:

23‐25 February Ivory Coast Rallye Bandama Côte D’Ivoire
16‐18 March Kenya Safari Rally Kenya
19‐21 April South Africa York Rally South Africa
22‐24 June Zambia Zambia International Rally
20‐22 July Uganda Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally
24‐26 August Tanzania Rally of Tanzania
21‐23 September Rwanda Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally

The 2018 FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship calendar is:

6‐17 March Spain 66 Rally Moritz Costa Brava
20‐21 April Czech Republic 27 Historic Vltava Rally
24‐26 May Spain 10 Rally Asturias Historico
21‐23 June Belgium Ypres Historic Rally
10‐11 August Finland Lahti Historic Rally
30 August ‐ 01 September Italy 23 Rally Alpi Orientali Historic*
20‐22 September Italy XXX Rally Elba Storico
12‐13 October Hungary 51 Mecsek Rally
01‐03 November Germany 20 ADMV Lausitz Rally


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